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Our team has worked in various industries, acquiring hands-on experience with different technologies and business concerns.

Our team’s diverse technical skills make us efficient and increase our productivity.

We provide web development using PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, and other popular programming languages and offer full web development services.

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Earthlings develops mobile applications as well as the backend infrastructure to support them.

We use iOS and Android native possibilities to deliver great user experience.

However, we also use cross-platform (Unity3D, Xamarin), and hybrid (React Native) solutions to create mobile apps that run both on iOS and Android. This way, we help our clients save time, money, and effort, and decrease the maintenance cost of mobile applications.

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Earthlings develops text-based programs called ChatBots that work on messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Slack, Skype and traditional SMS.

We offer development services for ChatBots based on set commands and phrases as well as ChatBots powered y Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

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Earthlings creates promising, new opportunities for businesses using virtual reality technology. We help innovative brands and technology companies engage their users in a completely new environment.

We build virtual reality projects using powerful technologies that allow for creating detailed 3D objects and environments.
They include Maya, 3D studio Max, Unity3D.

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Earthlings develops augmented reality (AR) experiences tailored for niche business verticals. We work with 3D modeling and 3D animation, facial recognition, and marker-based and markerless tracking.

Our AR apps run on a range of devices from iPhones and Android smartphones to Hololens and smartglasses like the Vuzix Blade.

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Earthlings creates targeted SEO strategies, which maximize your website’s potential, resulting in maximum online exposure.

We drive traffic and customers to your site.

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Earthlings is helping clients thrive in a new world with radical customer centricity.


• Market landscape opportunities and threats
• Customer insights and possibilities
• Experience ecosystem, infrastructure capabilities, and organizational factors


• Opportunities for transformation, intervention, and optimization throughout the Customer Journey
• Focused implications and actions across experience, product, service, and organization
• Value-driven strategic roadmap with pathing for near-term win


• Managed sales and marketing KPIs for growth and efficiency
• Operational process for performance planning and continuous optimization across business and customer dimensions

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

We imagine and realize powerful Web Site and mobile APPs using state of the art technologies to suit every need.

We engage your clients even more using the right technologies, such as ChatBots or VR & AR, at the right moment when they are the ready to interact with your brand.

We track and analyze every move on your Web site or APP with the proper tools in order to improve your UX & UI and increase drastically the conversion rate.

We create for you the best marketing contents (ads, videos, copyrighting), define personas and cohorts and assess the best networks available to run your campaigns.

We focus on delivering high-quality products to our customers, who range from e-commerce entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.

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